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Common Ground Counseling is dedicated to fostering relationship with self, community and the natural world through non-traditional counseling and re-wilding practices with an emphasis on marking transitions in one’s life.


Common Ground Counseling Fall Equinox Newsletter

Dear Family, Friends, Participants, and Supporters,

As the harvest moon wanes, the trees are reminding us with blazing color of the gifts to come from the looks within time. Common Ground Counselings’ upcoming programs are guided by the qualities of Fall and Winter and call us to first step back, review, and celebrate the Summer’s path. We most want to honor the energy and spirit of community in the natural world, and feel moved by gratitude to name specifically some of those who created a way in this time and place for us to be together. First off we would like to thank Patti Traynor for the use of the wonderful land out in Tres Piedras, NM.  Next to Thrive Taos and Nyna at Optimysm for allowing us to use her space and introduce Taos to Common Ground Counseling.  Special thanks to Taos Mountain Outfitters for the use of their shop for a successful fund raiser/ meet and greet.  To Julie over at Lettuce Grow Farms for her sprouts, eggs and support.  Thanks goes out to Sarah Beasley, formerly of the Taos Waldorf School, for allowing us to visit and spend time with the eighth grade class teaching hard skills. Zach Desmond, the fearless intern, during his sojourn crafted a clearer picture of our work by transforming our website  and creating a rockin’ brochure. We would deeply like to thank all those who engaged and participated in workshops put on by Common Ground Counseling.  Thank you for your presence and engagement with us, the natural world, and the inner landscape that we traveled together.  As we enter Fall and Winter send us a note or email with the story of what has been going on in your lives. To all the others not named, we remember each of your contributions and are warmly grateful for your part in making this adventure thrive and grow.

As for updates on how we are all doing…well Bret and Sara have given birth to a baby girl, Evelyn Rose, born on August 26th at 8:17am weighing in at a healthy 8lbs. 2oz.  She is now about one month old and hoping for a bow drill fire kit for Christmas. Sara’s mother was in Taos for the first month supporting Sara and Bret with the new addition to the Alexander family.

Bryan recently returned from sacred time in the desert to celebrate the Harvest Moon and Equinox.  A group of friends and he participated in a challenging 10 mile run around and over First Mesa on the Hopi reservation: www.waterisliferun.org.  They then journeyed out to Cedar Mesa, Utah to sit in counsel and honor the full moon and equinox by completing a vision quest.  This was a trying time but one of bonding, deep connection, and reflection as the season shifts to cooler weather.

On a sad note Rick Klein, the elder of Common Ground Counseling, was injured in a serious car accident a month and a half ago.  His recovery is progressing and we are moved to honor our elder by requesting you check out the ongoing fundraiser at https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/bl23/rick-klein-benefit-fund .  And join us on October 13th at Taos Mesa Brewing at 7pm to support Rick and his family.  Look for more details in the newspaper and call with any questions. May the blessings of health and vigorous life be yours once again Brother.

Common Ground Counseling has much to celebrate and express gratitude for. And we look forward to our community continuing to grow and embrace the change of these challenging seasons in community with all of our great world. Join us as we journey and circle together again and again.

Blessing to you and yours,

Bryan and Bret


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By restoring the transitional ‘Rites of Passage,’ which have been lost in our modern culture, Common Ground Counseling aspires to connect and reconnect people with who they are, where they come from, and what they want for their lives.


Common Ground Counseling programs aim to bring people together to find “common ground.”

Utilizing non-traditional counseling and wilderness-based practices, Common Ground Counseling provides participants with an indelible opportunity to cultivate the ever-present connection between our natural bodies and the body of Nature, fostering a deeper relationship with the natural world, our communities, and ourselves.

Wilderness therapy is experiential and based on active participation in a natural setting. This experience engages the individual on a cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Our belief is that all people have an innate connection with the natural world. Each of us has a lineage based on interdependence and relationship with the land that has been lost in modern culture. Our purpose is to serve our community by providing them the tools to rediscover that connection with awareness,  courage, and respect.